Data Analyst
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Skilled as a
data analyst?

We’re on the hunt for talented individuals who are eager to push boundaries and make a real impact. Join our fast-paced, collaborative environment where your data skills can truly shine.

Civil Engineering
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Specialize in
Civil Engineering?

We’re on the search for interesting minds like you to join our vibrant team of civil engineers and revolutionize the industry. We provide thrilling career opportunities designed to challenge and propel you to be a part of transformative growth!

CRM Specialist
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Are You CRM

We are looking for a passionate CRM specialist who thrives in a collaborative environment. As we offer a thrilling career path that challenges you to grow your skills, take on exciting projects, and propel yourself to your future goals.

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An ambitious

We’re looking for passionate people to join our dynamic crew and change the game. The best part? We offer exciting career paths that will challenge you, push you & stage you towards your future goals.

A Journey to Success

For over a few years now, we’ve been totally empowering
our team to explore all the experiences on their growth journey.
And guess what’s lit? We’re all about empathizing with our peeps’
needs and preferences, so they can totally own their decisions.
Because we’re working towards shared growth on our
road to leveling up as an organization.

With our values running deep, we team up with peeps who share
our vision, offering positions based on their skills and potential.
It’s all about making sure both the crew and the company are on
the same wavelength for the fruition of mutual success. And today,
DAC is one of the top construction companies in India.

Culture & Employee Engagement

Building an environment that’s all about a human-centric approach to our work culture, ya know?
Making sure our peeps are engaged, sharing the same values, and hustling together like well-connected roots.
It’s all about fostering a space where each one of us can thrive and level up, paving
the way for strong success in this dynamic world


New employees are welcomed into our family with comprehensive onboarding programs, ensuring a smooth transition and integration into our team.


Regular feedback surveys allow us to understand and address employee needs, ensuring a positive and supportive work environment.


Our performance review process is transparent and constructive, providing opportunities for growth and development for every team member.

Current Openings

Explore opportunities to join our dynamic team and
contribute to our success story. Apply now!

MIS – Engineer

  • Chennai
  • 4+ Years

Leveraging data insights to optimize operations and drive informed decisions.

Team Leader & Client Relationship Executive

  • Chennai
  • 6+ Years

Leading teams to deliver exceptional client experiences and achieve strategic objectives.

Client Relationship Executive

  • Chennai
  • 2+ Years

Cultivating strong client connections, ensuring satisfaction, and driving business growth.