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Perumbakkam, Chennai

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Satisfaction of Mr. Anirbhan & Mrs. Ankita with owning a home

When we were looking to buy a property, we stumbled upon DAC. Their property in Silicon Valley caught our eye, and what really impressed us was the DAC team. They took the time to show us around, explaining all the amenities and how this property would be a great fit for us. Meeting DAC left us feeling happy and satisfied with our decision.

Mr. Sriram and Mrs. Pavithra love DAC’s way of expressing themselves

When we were looking for a property in Chennai, we came across DAC. We were really impressed by their warm hospitality and the clear way they shared their plans. The DAC team kept us updated closely on how the project was progressing.

Everything impressed Mr. Sekar and his family a lot.

For more than 6 months we came to know about DAC. At the time we were looking for villa plots in all the villa projects of DAC. Every project was too good and we loved it a lot. Now we are looking for more projects from DAC

For Mr. Jeyaraman and his family, DAC is where they are satisfied

While looking to buy a home, we weren’t happy with what we found until we visited DAC. Their welcoming attitude really stood out to us, and when we saw their model home, we were confident that ours would be just as great. Huge thanks to DAC Developers for making us feel at ease about our decision!

Mr. Dilip Kilari and his family felt that this was the best option for them

In searching for a property in the Sholinganallur area, we came across DAC. We were impressed by the construction and the project itself. After careful consideration, we decided that DAC would be the perfect choice for our family, and we all agreed on it.

Mr. Deepan Chakraborthy is keen to encourage his friends to visit DAC.

I’ve checked out many projects over the past six months, and one that really caught my eye is Prathyangira. I was impressed by their service and their ambitious vision. Their projects have a sophisticated vibe that I really admire, and I highly recommend checking them out.

Hospitality of them made Mr. Rajesh Srinivasan to Choose DAC

I’ve been keeping an eye on DAC for a while now, watching how they’re progressing. When I found out about their project in Sholinganallur, which happens to be near my office, I decided to buy into it. The hospitality they showed me sealed the deal, and I’m thrilled with the model flat they’ve built.